IEEE Workshop

on AI & VR

in Medicine

A Part of The IEEE AIVR Conference 2018


December 10-12th, 2018
Taichung City, Taiwan

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are two of the enabling technologies rapidly growing recently. Not limited to only deep learning and machine learning, AI here can also be traditional such as Bayesian Approach, Genetic Algorithm, Evolution Methods and so on. Similarly, VR covers a whole spectrum from virtual reality, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), augmented virtuality (AV), to real virtuality (RV, also known as 3D printing). This workshop aims to establish a platform promoting the marriage of AI and VR for the application in medicine. These medical applications include diagnosis, surgery and intervention, rehabilitation, training, patient education, and so on. WARM invites researchers, educators, clinicians, policy makers and other relevant professionals joining the workshop to contribute their original research for the possible sharing at the platform and to explore potential collaboration among the participants.

The workshop topics include but are not limited to:
AI + VR in Medical Imaging
AI + VR in Medical Image Processing
AI + VR in Medical Visualization
AI + VR in Image-based Diagnosis
AI + VR in Pre-treatment Planning
AI + VR in Image-guided Surgery
AI + VR in Minimally Invasive Intervention
AI + VR in Non-destructive Therapy
AI + VR in Robotics Surgery
AI + VR in Rehabilitation
AI + VR in Medical Training

AI + VR in Pain Therapy & Mediation
AI + VR in Patient Education